(Paper-4.png); /* Last, on bottom, like

z-index of multiple backgrounds

Some great advice from Chris Coyier

“It’s not really z-index, but multiple backgrounds do have a vertical stacking order. If you an fully opaque fully repeating image as the first one in the list, none of the others will be visible.”

“I think this is counter-intuitive, because in HTML it’s the opposite. The LAST element is on top naturally if elements with the same z-index come to be overlapping.”

url(number.png) 600px 10px no-repeat, /* First, on top, like z-index: 4; */
url(thingy.png) 10px 10px no-repeat, /* Next, like z-index: 3; */
url(Paper-4.png); /* Last, on bottom, like z-index: 1; */