fucking stupid cunts. i was freezing the entire time.

first day of school was complete shit. fell asleep in 7 out of 8 classes. two of them were even gymnastics. some dumb chick kept waking me up when i finally fell asleep. i was too late at the first class. then i said three reasons why i couldn’t be on time at the same time, and i still could walk through without detention. fucking stupid cunts. i was freezing the entire time. and i’ve got homework now as well. ah, fuck that. i’m not even awake. my biology teacher kept nagging that i should find help with my computer addiction. and i was like, “it’s not even that bad.” then she was like, “every addiction is bad.” how can a sex addiction even be bad? that’s like, fucking heaven. just like a tumblr addiction. she only wants me to pay attention to school. like, go to school, then go home and make homework and learn for tests. then go eat some and go to bed. that can’t even be a normal life.

oh and my geography teacher had some poem or whatever. about how important life is, and how much of a miracle it is. and that you should be thankful and all. i really am, but i couldn’t pay much attention, since i was still sleeping. but then that chick next to me started to brag about that he needed to shut his mouth and all. that it was all stupid nonsense. i wanted to punch her right in the face. if you even think about that about life, then you’re not even allowed to live. go give someone else your life then, if you’re not even thankful that you can live.

ugh this rant is only making me more pissed off than i already was. it’s like, almost one am and i’m still up. i’m seriously thinking bout burning the school down. i can’t have 2,5 more years of this faggotry. i’m not even interested in what they teach at my school. all i want to learn is art, philosophy and webdesign. i don’t want to learn french, german or chemistry. i don’t even want to make a living out of that. why do i have to learn it then? go learn it to someone else. someone that is interested. cause i seriously couldn’t give a fuck about what molecules are in a lamp or so. as if i’m ever going to see them, or meet them and have a conversation with them. just die, school. or give me a timemachine so i can go into the future. go to amsterdam and go to college. learn some stuff that i actually care about.


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