teasers along with downloads and links to buy the game itself,

Allow me to be a little bold… this is my favourite piece of web design I’ve ever done and I am so glad to be able to show it off! The site is for Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids, to promote their brand new game Wii Travel in Time and it’s something we produced over at Aardman Digital.

I was fortunate enough to be the Senior Designer on the project and absolutely relished being trusted with another company’s property, especially someone as high & mighty as Ubisoft who I’m a great fan of. I really wanted to capture the madness of the Rabbids themselves and Ubisoft were very keen to let us run wild, so run wild we did!

The site itself is really a one-pager, containing gaming clips & teasers along with downloads and links to buy the game itself, so we knew as long as that content was easily accessible, it was a blank canvas in terms of how the site could work!

Because the setting of the game itself is within a Museum, we used that as the grounding point and thought it’s be fun to have a sideways scrolling effect, like you’re pacing up and down the halls of the gallery. Working with our genius web developer James Spencer, he devised a slick way to eliminate the ugly horizontal scrollbar and introduce a much friendly click & drag system to get around the site, as well as the regular static navigation designed in a museum-signage style.

We also worked with 3D whizz Phil Webster to create some fantastic 3D corridor sections between the 2D ‘content walls’ to give a nice feeling of depth. We then coupled that with a bunch of great 3D animation assets from Ubisoft themselves, so when you’re scrolling around the site, be sure to scroll back to a section and you’ll see the corridoor has changed from nice & clean to messy, with the Rabbids running around causing mayhem!

Altogether its something I’m massively proud of and so honoured to be involved in. I’ve learnt alot from it, big congrats to everyone involved! This is only just the beginning for the Aardman & Ubisoft partnership too…

So, go and explore the site: