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Free Marketing From Your Email Signature


Here’s a nonprofit marketing tip from Nancy E. Schwartz at Getting Attention. The results are surprisingly powerful, even though it takes no resources. It’s also very speedy to put into place.

We do everything with email, so let’s use this ubiquitous medium to its full potential. Remember that your email has a built-in signature at the end. Every organization employee ought to create a signature line that includes their name, contact info, position and a URL to the organization’s web site. Here’s the format:

Organization Name
Web addressPhone 
An example:

David Wall
Information Technology Director
Hubert Foundation
http://www.hubertfoundation.orgPhone (555) 456-897
Fax (435) 555-7634
The traditional letter signature includes the street address, but Nancy E. Schwartz recommends we get rid of the street address and include the web address instead. You can also just simplify it to a few lines, and add a personal touch or a tagline that encourages the reader to click on the URL. Be sure that it fits in with the overall style of all of your organization’s external communications, since it is your modern-day calling card. Here’s a simplified example:

Jessica Sockington
Assistant Marketing Director
http://www.savingmoneysavinglives.org“A penny saved is a life improved”

Look in your email program’s help feature with the keyword “signature” to find out how to implement this useful tool. Web-based email accounts and smart phones also have this available in the settings. 
Once you do this, you’ll definitely notice more attention coming your way.