Shinichi had his appearance and tried to saved Kazuha in the

Detective Conan: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital

There’s one scene that I love. It made me moved nearly to tears. That scene when you knew that the person you like is near to you, but it seems so far….

Mouri Kogoro is called to a special case in the ancient capital of Kyoto. There, Conan meets Heiji and they team up once again to solve the case, recover the stolen Healing Buddha statue, and even discover the identity of Heiji’s first love. During the final battle between the real culprit, Shinichi had his appearance and tried to saved Kazuha in the absence of Heiji. In his surprise, Heiji disguised himself as one of the samurai.

In the middle of the battle, Heiji told Shinichi he need to hide somewhere because the drug that he drank to gain his original form was already wearing off. At this point, Ran was searching for Heiji & Conan to help theme, but he was captured by Shinichi, and there, they shared some minutes. realizing that the drug is near in wearing off, Shinichi shot Ran a tranquilizer and let her sleep.

That was one romantic scene. Although I feel sorry for Shinichi because he can’t stay with Ran longer in his original form. I also feel the pain of Ran in that scene. After she woke up, she really felt that she already saw Shinichi, and at that time, she felt that his presence was really near…

You know that very feeling? That tragic feeling?

When you knew that someone is near you…

yet, that someone is way too far to reach…