(lovekimiko on tumblr, she’s amazing) posted hers, i

yesterday i spent ten hours at peet’s coffee at school and didn’t buy a single thing.  was that rude of me?  i probably should have purchased some sort of caffeinated beverage huh?  oops.  my bad.  i swear i will next time.

last week travis and i met up on campus to buy another memory card for my camera and to go get some sushi off convoy. two minutes before our rendezvous, i decided that i wanted to try my hand at a stop motion photography video.  ever since amanda (lovekimiko on tumblr, she’s amazing) posted hers, i became completely inspired to create one myself!

the 724 photos used in the video above were shot with my canon 7d, edited in photoshop cs4, and pieced together with imovie ‘09.  the funky beat was created and composed entirely by travis himself.  i hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

oh, and four more things.  one) you’ll notice that the clip was uploaded onto ninja neishon’s vimeo page, that’s because trav has a pro account and you bet your bottom dollar that i’m going to embed this shit in HD.  shoot.  two) i’m not short, travis is just really tall.  i’m 5’5” and he’s 6’6”.  that’s the fun fact of the day.  three) isn’t he chivalrous for opening all of my doors?  to the guys who are reading this: girls like that sort of thing.  four) thank you so much to all of my new followers!  i had a sudden influx the past couple days and it’s been really cool.  i’ll be doing something soon for you guys, so stay tuned!  :)