Thennnn went to Little MadFish instead cause they have better

Day 22/365 - January 22, 2011

A good day that I haven’t had in a while. Decided to hang out with Cassie after waking up, she couldn’t find 500 Days Of Summer so I found a site to watch it on. It took forever to load, so we decided to stop by my work to find a copy. But one of her friends called so I guess we were meeting up with her. Said they had one copy left, but I found it cause I know my department ;] Met Jane, and we decided to take her to Lake Elizabeth! She had to change, so I drove Cassie back to Best Buy to give Steph her parking permit. Drove with the top down, haven’t done that in a while :] Met up with Jane, headed to the park. SAW THE SICKEST GO KART! I want one now. Played with Cassie’s whistling Nerf ball, then took Jane to the library! haha we were giving her a tour of the area. & she’s going to be our new friend! We found some books in the chidrens section that children should not be reading. Stopped by MadFish, but it wasn’t happy hour yet so we went to Cassie’s, watched 500 Days Of Summer, pretty good movie. Oh & I called in to not go to work cause I just wanted to take the day off. I worked everyday that week lol. Mm while watching we had popcorn chicken, chips, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and some of my cinnamon cookies. Thennnn went to Little MadFish instead cause they have better sushi. Chicken chew chew, New York and I had something else, but it was bomb. Saw Dar at YoSwirl, the Warriors lost :l Went to RedBox Inception, fell asleep but saw most of the movie, then went home! Gooooood ass day. Hopefully I have plenty more of those days :] Jane is a pretty cool chick!