Yoko messed up again and said, “Help…. I’m scared

8UPPERS Kyocera Dome (First show 12/31/10) tweet reports

They’re going to do their best for tonight’s Johnnys Countdown tv appearance. They thought the higher-ups would yell at them for the ninjas last year, but it was surprisingly well received. XD It’s a lot of pressure to go beyond expectations but they will do their best, so they want us all to watch them on tv~

Wink Killer: Yoko -> Baru love letter <3

Everyone was laughing because Yoko was nervous and kept tripping up on his words, but Baru listened carefully with a serious expression on his face.

“It has been 14 years (Yoko messed up here) since we first met. In Hokkaido, you read that letter to me and said I helped you, but the truth is, I’m the one being helped by you. Subaru, you always say you’re shy, but I don’t think you are. Whenever members are feeling down, it’s always Subaru who goes up to them and talks to them first. Whenever you cheer us up, everyone laughs. I think that is one of your gifts. (Yoko messed up again and said, “Help…. I’m scared D:” and hina laughed his ass off) One good thing about Subaru is that he is a great singer, but that’s not all. He has the ability to move people. Subaru… What a nice name. I’m envious. All that’s left for me to say is that I want to stay together forever. Not just as a member, but as a friend.”

After reading the letter:
Yoko: I need to study Japanese better! My mind goes blank and my Japanese doesn’t come out.

Tacchon: What language does come out, then?

Ryo announced that he would do his best with opening greetings. The audience went, “Ooooh~” and he responded, “Why do you tease me like that??”

HinaMaru <333 Hina and Maru stood nose to nose, nearly kissing. Hina blew air on Maru’s lips while Maru grinned giddily.

Maru nearly took off his shirt during Hitotsu no Hana but changed his mind half-way. (what a tease XD) He also did some body building poses and Eito’s latest favorite, cleavage pose (the one where you bring your arms together in front of your chest… yeah i suck at explaining things XD;) upon seeing uchiwa requests.

Proactive: Korean superstar Maru~

MC was about family affairs.

Baru’s brother got divorced and has trouble keeping steady jobs. lol

Yasu’s neice(?) has grown a lot~

Ryo read Ohkura’s Dad’s blog. Ohkura was embarrassed. XD

Apparently Maru’s dad does a local radio show in Kyoto. Maru only found out about it yesterday from his friend XD Age 46 and a B’z Inaba look-alike, he is planning on entering another body builder competition next year or so.

Yoko’s brother, Mitsuru, chooses Yoko over his girlfriend. He tells her, “I have plans with my brother today so I can’t hang out.”

Hina: What would you do if your brother left you?
Yoko: I would cry so much!!

Yoko has Mitsuru’s gf’s handmade curry in his refrigerator. XD

Hina’s dad looks exactly like Hina except with gray hair. Yoko messed up saying “gray hair” and got tsukomi’d by everyone.

Yoko says that Hina works too much.
Yoko: How much do you get paid for DERO?
Hina: Well, it’s golden (prime time) so the pay’s pretty decent.
Yoko: Don’t give me such a realistic answer!

When Ryo went home to visit his family, all his nieces and nephews were there (like 5 of them) and he was surprised by all the people. Apparently everyone in the Nishikido family has pretty much the same face. XD;

Maru left his towels hanging outside to dry before coming. Ohkura wanted to clean his house for the new year but didn’t get around to it yet and it bothers him. Ryo made rice in his rice cooker but had to leave before eating it. He’s worried about it. Everyone told him his rice will be all dried up and hard when he gets back. lol so cute XD

Tacchon watched Hina, Yasu, Maru, Yoko’s Otameshika SP.
Tacchon: It was like an explosion of Maru’s World so it was entertaining.

Everyone said that Maru is suffering a slump at the moment regarding his gags. He keeps throwing out one after another until people finally laugh. XD Maru looked sad so Ohkura followed up with, “I watched Otameshika! Maru-chan’s not suffering a slump at all!”

A little girl had a uchiwa that said, “Please marry me in 10 years!” Maru pointed at it and said thank you. :3

Yoko: How will everyone be welcoming the new year?
Tacchon: …Everyone will be here… welcoming the new year together. (Duh, Yoko XD;)

Subaru went around in a good mood, doing fan service. Hina acted as his “manager” and followed closely behind, apologizing for Baru whenever he got too crazy XD

Tacchon was singing Kara’s Jumping between songs. Maru also did Kara’s “hip dance” at one point.

Life~Menomae no mukou e~ Maru wearing suspenders while playing bass. Ahhhhhhh alksdjlkf plz be in DVD plz plzzzz

Note: I definitely won’t be able to stay up to wait for Countdown tweets so hopefully I’ll catch up on those tomorrow maybe~ :)